Introducing Euclid, a labeller for image-datasets for Yolo, Kitti frameworks

Submitted by prabindh on Sat, 02/04/2017 - 18:57 / /


Euclid is a tool for manual labelling of data - sets, such as those found in Deep learning systems that employ Caffe. This includes systems like DIGITS, and YOLO. It is an object / class labelling tool for machine learning frameworks.

This tool runs on Linux and Windows, and is based on Python 2.7/Tkinter. It should also run on Mac, though untested.

Label format support:

The tool supports Kitti data-set output format, and YOLO output format at this time.
For the actual format, see the below link, or the Kitti dataset development kit.

See also, SLOTH, for variety of xml format support,
And also, for PASCAL dataset,

Euclid now referred in DIGITS pages: