A History of the GPU, and What We Dont See

A History of the GPU, and What We Dont See (Abridged version)
Published on July 1, 2016

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Prabindh Sundareson
Author at GPUPowered.Org


BMP/JPG/PNG Image loading to GL using SOIL/DeVIL libraries


SOIL (Simple OpenGL Image Library) is a library that allows loading of OpenGL textures stored in various image formats including BMP, JPG, PNG (for complete list, refer to This article tries to provide a solution to the Image loading issue faced by OpenGL developers who are not using standard frameworks like Unity that include image loaders within.


Part2 - Introduction to Graphics

Mobile/ Embedded Graphics Hardware

Mobile Graphics Hardware relates to the category of GPUs used in portable, embedded devices. Current examples of these devices include the iPhone/ iPad, Android phones/ tablets etc. This category of devices lack some features that are found in the desktop computers, like full OpenGL or CUDA support. The most common factor in these devices is the wide prevalence of OpenGL ES2.0 support to such an extent that most software frameworks have moved to support this API.