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C++ Port of Darknet (of YOLO fame)

OpenCV3 failures when working with C based DL frameworks, like DeepNet (Made famous by YOLO - is a common issue.

Here is the latest version of Darknet, ported to C++, fixing many coding bugs along the way. Work involved primarily encapsulation of APIs with C linkages, including undefined headers, bug fixes, and typecasting various allocations to actual types, and using correct Error detection types for CUBLAS.

For training with own dataset, and detection, refer to the updated README at,

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Developing with GL_OES_texture_3D with glfw3

Enabling 3D Texturing support with glfw3 and GLES2

Sometimes it is required to enable 3D texture support in an OpenGLES 2.0 context. It is possible to do this, if the underlying platform supports the 3D texturing extension.


- When using glfw3, extension headers need to be enabled in the build, through below step in header files:

#define GLFW_INCLUDE_ES2 1

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