C++ Port of Darknet (of YOLO fame)

OpenCV3 failures when working with C based DL frameworks, like DeepNet (Made famous by YOLO - is a common issue.

Here is the latest version of Darknet, ported to C++, fixing many coding bugs along the way. Work involved primarily encapsulation of APIs with C linkages, including undefined headers, bug fixes, and typecasting various allocations to actual types, and using correct Error detection types for CUBLAS.

For training with own dataset, and detection, refer to the updated README at,

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Introducing Euclid, a labeller for image-datasets

Euclid is a tool for manual labelling of data - sets, such as those found in Deep learning systems that employ Caffe. This includes systems like DIGITS, and YOLO. It is an object / class labelling tool for machine learning frameworks.

This tool runs on Linux and Windows, and is based on Python 2.7/Tkinter. Though the UI is a bit clunky it is functional at this point.

Label format support:


Caffe on Ubuntu 16.04 with VirtualBox + Windows 10 x64 Dell Precision + Quadro 1000

Note: Detailed installation steps of Nvidia DIGITS on Ubuntu 16.04 (native, not VMWare on Windows10), is at


1. Install the AMD64 ISO on the VM using standard procedure

VMWare version - 5.1.2 r108956

2. sudo apt-get install build-essential

caffemlpythonubuntu 16.04vmwarewindows10quadrocuda